Winner of Best Song in a Music Video at the LA Music Video Awards 2018

Review: Kevin Campbell has moved beyond the folky blues sound of his first album on this sophomore release, bringing in a more funky pop/rock sound that would do well on the radio. He has a solid voice that brings out the emotion of his well-crafted songs, which are upbeat and go down easy. Best songs include “I Just Can’t Right Now,” the title track, “Addicted,” “Take You In,” “Whatchu got is What I Need,” and “Find my Way.”

Recommendation: Give this artist a spin. We think you’ll find that he’s the perfect addition to your musical library


TedxPasadena Conference 2018


Singing from his soul, Kevin pulls in elements of Blues, Folk and Soul that you have to experience.
Kevin Campbell’s Only Happy When It Feels Good is an R&B number that’s got an interesting sound. Groovy with a vivacious bassline, the intro hooks you in for a memorable track. Bearing Soul and Motown undertones, this one’s our pick of the week.

NAMM 2019

Sennheiser Stage

I seek music out to accompany me in that day’s headspace, and I think we tend to attract true listeners who do the same. Kevin’s performance was perfectly attuned to an evening when we needed to reflect on our shared experiences without forgetting that some among us face much greater challenges, a time when we needed to mourn but keep moving forward. Those are messages that Memphis music has been sharing for decades, and even translated by a Virginia-born west coast transplant, they felt right at home at this time and place.
Thanks for making us part of your journey, Kevin. Memphis sounds good on you.

“The four songs I got from his CD... I loved every single one of them. I had a hard time deciding which one to pick for the show.”
— The Morning Stream -
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